Organize Agents Using Custom Fields

March 17, 2016

These steps will walk you through adding metadata to one or more agents so that the list of agents can be sorted or filtered more easily.


    1. Open the Mozenda Web Console and go to the Agents tab.

    2. Check the boxes next to the agents you want to manage.

    3. Open the Tools menu and click Fields.

    4. Click New field.

    5. Give the field a name.

    6. (Optional) Add a description.

    7. Choose the format for your new custom field.

    8. Click Save, then Done.

    9. Confirm that the desired agents are selected, and click Field values in the toolbar.

    10. Double-click in the empty Value field next to your new custom field.

    11. Enter the desired data into the value field. Remember to enter the data in the right format, based on the format you chose in step 7.

    12. Click Save.

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