Merge Similar Fields for All Agents in an Agent Group

October 31, 2016

Fields that are used within an agent group can be “merged” (or collectively renamed) to share the same field name. This is useful for cleaning up and consolidating fields in agent groups that have multiple fields with different names gathering the same kind of data.


    1. Open the Web Console in a browser and click the Agents tab.

    2. Click an agent group.

    3. Click the Fields tab.

    4. Check any box in the list to select that field. Once a field is selected, the other fields collected by the same agent will disappear from the list.

    5. Use the checkboxes to select fields that gather the same kind of data and should be merged. In this example, the Product Name, Product Title, Name, and Title fields all collect the same data and can be merged.

    6. Click Merge fields.

    7. Enter a new name for the merged field or use the existing field name. By default, a field name from one of the merged fields is used as the name for the new merged field. The field name can contain up to 50 characters. Only letters, numbers, spaces, and hyphens are allowed.

    8. (Optional) Give the field a description. The field description can contain up to 100 characters. Only letters, numbers, spaces, and hyphens are allowed.

    9. Choose a format for the field. If no format is selected, the field will be set to the default format: text.

    10. (Optional) Enter a default value. If the agent is unable to capture data for this field from the web page, the default value (if one has been set) will appear in this field instead of a captured value.

    11. Decide whether or not the new field should be confidential, and check the box if applicable. Values in fields that are marked confidential will only be visible to users with confidential permissions. All other users will see asterisks in place of the captured data.

    12. Decide whether or not to watch the new field for changes, and check the box if applicable. Fields can be configured to track changes only if the agent to which they belong has been configured to track changes. Records will only be marked as changed if data in the new field (and/or data in other fields with this setting) changes from one job to another.

    13. Decide whether or not to include this field in the template.

    14. Decide whether or not to require the new field to be captured by agents, and check the box if applicable. Marking a field does two things: (1) When any new agent is built in this agent group, the user will be notified that this field is required, and (2) an icon will appear next to an agent in the agent group that does not contain this field, alerting you to its absence.

    15. Click Save.

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