How do I populate through a list of URLs from a file?

May 20, 2016

An Input List is an action that enters multiple values (one at a time) into an input object such as a text field or dropdown. This action can enter data from an external source, including a file from your computer or a collection from your Mozenda account.

Before you begin this walkthrough, you should have a list of URLs in a spreadsheet (CSV or TSV) ready on your computer. Make sure that it uses only letters, numbers, spaces and hyphens in the column header (if any) and file name.

    1. Open the Agent Builder.

    2. Click Start a new agent. Make sure the builder shows the default Mozenda welcome page before starting the new agent.

    3. Click the input bar under Enter a URL.

    4. Click Create an Input List.

    5. Click Import File. The file you import should be in CSV or TSV format and 50 MB or less.

    6. Click Browse.

    7. Select a file from your computer, then click Open.

    8. If your file contains a header, check the box next to The first row in this file contains field names.

    9. Click Import.

    10. If your file has more than one column, check the box next to the column containing the list of URLs. This will determine which fields from the source file will actually be uploaded into a collection on your account.

    11. Give the new collection a name.

    12. Click Create Collection. This converts the file to a collection on your account in the Web Console. This means you can use this file again without needing to upload it.

    13. Click the field that contains the list of URLs. This will determine which field from the new collection will be used in the Set User Input action.

    14. Click OK.

    15. Click Go.

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