October 06, 2017

The Sequencer is a tool to arrange common operational steps, such as running agents and publishing data, into an automated process that makes getting your data more efficient.

    2. Open the Web Console

    3. Select Sequences in the top nav bar.

    4. Click New Sequence.

    5. Name your Sequence.

    6. Click Add Step.

    7. Select the Step you wish to add.

      • Run Agent-The agent will begin to scrape data according to its configuration.

      • Clear Collection-This will clear the content of a collection.

      • Delete View Items-Specify certain data from a scrape and delete it.

      • Publish Collection Data-Send your extracted data to a specific location available with the publishing options.

      • Update Field Value-Specify certain data from a scrape and change or update it.

      • Run a Sequence-Start another sequence while this sequence runs.

    8. If applicable, you have the option to divide your agent into concurrent jobs as well as add additional error handling to your sequence. Your error handling settings that are set in the agent itself within the Web Console are still applied as well.

    9. Once your Sequence is configured, click on Ready and then Run to start your sequence.

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