How do I know if an agent has run successfully?

October 03, 2018

To know when your agent has run successfully or hit an error, Notifications can be set for an individual agent or globally for all agents. This allows you to get an email alerting you when your agent runs successfully without having to sit at the computer the whole time. Learn how to enable Notifications below or in this video:


    1. Open the Web Console.

    2. Click on Agents in the top nav bar.

    3. Click to open the agent you wish to set Notifications for.

    4. Click on the double Gear icon in the upper left of the Web Console.

    5. Under Settings, click Notifications.

    6. The Notifications pop-up window will appear.

    7. Add your email address.

    8. Check the Notifications that you would like to receive.

    9. Click Save.



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