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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Mozenda cost?
Mozenda provides a free 30-day trial to test out the software. You can upgrade a trial account to a Professional account from $199/month or an Enterprise account starting at $3,500/year. We also offer premium and custom pricing plans as needed. Click here for pricing details.
Can I get competitor product and pricing information?
Yes, as long as the product and pricing information is listed as text on the website.
What is a Mozenda agent?
A Mozenda agent is an automated program designed to replicate human behavior in a web browser. With the Mozenda Agent Builder, you can quickly and easily train an agent to perform certain actions on any website and then have the agent carry out those actions automatically. Examples of actions you would tell the agent to perform are to click items and to capture text.
Can I gather data on a schedule?
Yes. You can schedule an agent to gather data at any time and on any interval.
Can I have the results automatically sent to me?
Yes. Mozenda currently supports delivery via email address (as an attachment), FTP, RSS, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Dropbox. You can schedule the data to be sent on a schedule or automatically when the agent finishes. Alternatively, you can use the Mozenda API to programmatically access the data. For more information, visit the API page.
Can I be notified when my agent is finished?
Yes. You can configure Mozenda to send you notifications when your agent finishes successfully or when a problem occurs because of changes to the target website. You can also configure Mozenda to send you notifications when the data has been successfully sent to your FTP server or to you in an email. You can also be notified when data cannot be sent to you because of configuration problems or other delivery problems.
What file formats do you support?
Mozenda currently supports CSV (comma delimited values), TSV (tab delimited values), JSON, and XML formats. All formats can be viewed by a standard text editing program or loaded into a database. The CSV and TSV formats can be viewed using any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.
Can I view my data in Excel?
Yes. Mozenda gives you the option to export the data file and open directly in Excel. Microsoft Excel and other grid-editing programs support loading the CSV, TSV, and XML formats. It should be noted, however, that Excel uses automatic formatting which may cause your data to appear incomplete or corrupted should the data be imported with the default settings. Always set your formatting to “Text” so that Excel interprets the data correctly.
Can I download files and images?
Yes. Mozenda currently supports downloading files and images as part of the data extraction process. Images and files are saved and downloaded subsequent to the data being extracted and provided in zip format.
What is premium harvesting and how many more processing credits does it cost?
Premium harvesting is initiated when the website you want to capture data from is in high demand across all Mozenda customers, or when you want to geo locate your agent to make requests from a specific country. The cost for premium harvesting is three (3) processing credits per page.
Does your solution require programming?
No. If you feel comfortable using email, a web browser, and common office applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, you should have no problem using the Mozenda service. It’s that easy!
Can your service handle JavaScript and AJAX?
In most cases, yes. However, if you are having trouble with a particular website, call us. Our support staff will be happy to help you.
Can your service log into password protected sites?
Yes. Anything a human can do from a web browser can be replicated using the Mozenda system.
Does Mozenda have an API?
Yes. Mozenda offers a REST API through which you can download data, run agents, and so forth. For more information, visit the API page.
Do you share or resell my data?
Customer data is considered proprietary and confidential by Mozenda. Mozenda will never share or sell your data to anyone else.
How are other people using Mozenda?
Applications of the Mozenda service are usually focused on facilitation, information, or consolidation. For example, Mozenda can help facilitate a powerful data automation process for an online store at the same time as gathering competitive pricing information. Another example would be a research firm that gathers information and analyzes it over time to create new value added information. A third example is a company who grabs disparate pieces of data from both web and internal documents and consolidates that information to create a previously impossible view of its business, customers, or competitors. The applications and possibilities of the Mozenda service are truly unlimited.
Is Mozenda a Web Crawler?
No. Web crawling is a different technology that specializes in getting common pieces of information such as phone numbers or email addresses from many different websites. Generally the user will provide the crawler with a list of websites or URLs that the crawler will navigate through to obtain this information. Because of the varying nature of websites, web crawling does not obtain a high level of accuracy in the results it produces. Mozenda is a web data extraction software that specializes in gathering data from specific websites with a high level of accuracy. As a general rule, Mozenda works best where you have a limited number of websites containing large quantities of data.
Can Mozenda Extract Data from PDF Documents?
Yes. Using a simple point and click interface users can capture content from PDF documents into structured data fields.
Can Mozenda Extract Data from Flash Objects?
No. Flash data extraction is not currently supported in the Mozenda system.