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Mozenda Glossary of Terms

Data Scraping Software

See also Web Robot, Hidden Invisible Web, Web Mining Software
  Data scraping software is any program that collects data from a target domain and usually focuses on obtaining multiple fields attached to a main list of items. This is different from crawling, which implies the collection of only one data point, such as emails, from multiple domains. Mozenda has taken the most powerful source of information in the world, the Internet, and made it accessible to everyday professionals. It’s forward thinking like this that separates Mozenda from its competitors. It isn’t just our business; it’s our passion. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into making it easy and affordable for you to build and run your own data collection agents.  

Mozenda’s Data Scraping Software



The purpose and intent of web scraping is to simulate the human browsing experience by replicating computer commands to browse, search, navigate, and ultimately extract specific data fields from a web page. The benefit and value of web scraping lies in the automation of the data collection and the transformation of the data itself from an unstructured format to a structured format such as CSV, TSV, or XML where it can be uploaded, stored and analyzed.


Scraping contact information from the web has become a standard practice within sales organizations and marketing departments worldwide. Finding the right person in an organization to sell to or market to is no longer the dreaded task it used to be. The availability of information combined with easy access to information allows anyone to create targeted call lists, email lists, mailing lists, competitor lists, etc. For those able to utilize Social Media, contact lists can be further refined to target such things as title, age, gender, or even shared hobbies. Other uses for scraping contact information include:
  • Creating directories
  • Evaluating qualified individuals and businesses based on criteria
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Geotargeting or grouping
  • Competitive research

Mozenda Training Videos

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