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Mozenda Glossary of Terms

Data Mining Program

See also Data Capture, Web Content Data Mining, Web Scrape


A data mining program is any program that collects information from the web and organizes it into a format you can work with; this is usually in the form of a spreadsheet. In Mozenda’s case, you can customize the way the data is organized, and even create different versions of any particular data set.


Collecting and correctly interpreting information has always been the key to effective business intelligence. Because of the amount of raw data, the internet is the best place to obtain this information. Undertaking the process manually can prove to be difficult especially considering that, you have to cut and paste through so many web pages. Mask work is useful in the protection of your website from anybody who might want to steal any information there in. You can search for a web scraping software to suit your application. They are readily available various websites on the internet and can be downloaded free of charge.


Mozenda’s Data Mining Program





Data for many websites is stored in a database and rendered on a website in a consistent layout with various CSS and HTML markup. The most efficient way to use that data is to get direct access to the database. However this may not be allowed or not be affordable. The alternative is to scrape the website using a scripting language such as PHP or a compiled language such as C#. A scraper works by acting as a browser and downloading the HTML of the page that contains the data you want. It then uses “Regular Expressions” (also called “Regex”) to parse the HTML and collect the data. The data is then stored in a database that you have access to for later use.


Mozenda Training Videos


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