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Mozenda Glossary of Terms

Data Harvesting

See also Data Extraction Software, Email Extractor, Web Harvest


Data harvesting with Mozenda

Mozenda is a powerful data extractor with a wide range of applications for savvy individuals, agencies and
businesses. Mozenda software allows you to harvest all types of information from the web. Through an intuitive UI you can quickly and
easily turn text on web pages into structured data files such as XLS, CSV, TSV, and XML.




Mozenda enables users to effectively customize their research for specific data harvesting needs. Businesses find it a remarkable
instrument for competitive research. Instead of digging up the data oneself, Mozenda produces dynamic harvesting results allowing
businesses to maintain up-to-date competitor price information. It is an all-purpose
data mining software that saves time and money. Mozenda is a tool used to data mine.

eCommerce and online retailers understand that consumers have become increasingly savvy with regards to comparison shopping.
In cyberspace, it’s no longer just about “location, location, location.” Numerous sites provide eShoppers with comparison pricing
for similar items. Mozenda enables eRetailers to manage their pricing in a constantly shifting arena.y government reports and sources
is also simplified through Mozenda. And when users get stuck, Mozenda tech support is always there to guide you through to a satisfying conclusion.


Mozenda Training Videos


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