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Mozenda Glossary of Terms

Data Extractor

See also Data Extraction Software, Email Extractor, Scrape Website
  A data extractor refers to any program designed to collect and organize data from a target webpage or website and reformat it, so that it is more compliant with a user’s data requirements.  

Mozenda, a data extractor done right.

    In addition, Mozenda provides technical support that enables users to get up to speed quickly and develop a working aptitude. Our software helps businesses in both the manufacturing and service sectors to achieve specific goals pertaining to their applications and needs.  


Mozenda has provided all the tools necessary to complete a data extraction project in less time, with more accuracy, and fewer personnel.
  • Creating directories
  • Evaluating qualified individuals and businesses based on criteria
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Geotargeting or grouping
  • Competitive research

Why Mozenda?

The Mozenda data scraper tool is very basic; all you have to do is use the program to scrape up information you need off of websites without all the tiring work of searching websites one by one. Whether you are working for the government such as a police officer or a detective, in the medical field, or even a large business or entrepreneur, website scraping is fast, easy and affordable, plus it saves you or your employees a ton of stressful work and time; use Mozenda’s data scraper and let the program do all the hard work for you.


The Mozenda Advantage

For those who monitor business trends, mine leads, or conduct investigative work, Mozenda, a SaaS company, has an affordable lead mine software trial available for free. Mozenda offers a free trial account. With this account, users can: capture webpage text and images, save web content in many formats (i.e., XML, RSS), and run scheduled jobs. Lead miners will also benefit from free phone and e-mail support, and free web meetings and training. To maximize the ability to mine leads, start a free trial account at: https://www.mozenda.com/.


Mozenda Training Videos

Title Length
Play Button Capture Text 0:43
Play Button Input Text Into a Form 0:44
Play Button Click the “Next” Button to Load the Next Page of Results 1:58
Play Button Schedule an Agent to Run Regularly 1:08
Play Button Combine the Contents of Two Fields 1:16

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