Cookie Stores

January 05, 2018

With this new feature, all accounts can now save cookie sessions to enable easier access to the data you want to collect.

Potential use cases include:

  • Logging into websites that use two-factor authentication
  • Logging into websites that use CAPTCHA validation
  • Collecting personalized data such as shopping carts and order histories

*Please note that individual website parameters still apply when using the Cookie Stores action. For example, if you wanted to scrape auto insurance quotes and you are were using data stored in the Cookie Store to provide the car and driver information the website may only authenticate cookies that are less than 30 minutes old. The life-cycle of a cookie is set by the website that stores them in your browser, and these restrictions will still govern your scraping abilities.


    • While in browse mode, follow the normal steps to log in to the site.

    • Once logged in, click Save Cookie to create a cookie.

    • Enter in desired information to save cookies

    • Click Save to have the ability to create another cookie or click Save and Start Agent to start creating an agent with the current cookie. *Clicking “Save and Start Agent” will automatically add the cookie to the beginning of the agent.

    • Once a cookie is saved it can also be added to an agent by using the Add Action tab and clicking on Load Cookie Store.

    • The Cookie Store allows you to see and edit all of your existing cookies. It can be accessed using the Cookie Store icon in the upper right-hand corner of your builder.

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