Capture a Screenshot After Performing an Action

May 16, 2016

Unlike the page-level screenshot capture action, which captures a screenshot before any actions are performed on the page, the Capture Screenshot action can be moved into any order in the action list. This allows you to perform actions on the page before capturing a screenshot.


    1. Click the title of the action page where you want the screenshot to be taken.

    2. Click Add Action.

    3. Click Capture Screenshot.

    4. Give the field a name. This field will appear in the agent’s data collection and record the URL of the web page where the screenshot was captured.

    5. (Optional) Choose the image format from the Format dropdown. The options are Jpeg or Png. If you don’t choose a format, the screenshot will be saved as a Jpeg file

    6. (Optional) Customize the dimensions of the screenshot in pixels. The image will be cropped to custom dimensions starting from the upper left corner, rather than resized. By default, images are not loaded on the web page on the Mozenda’s servers. To change this, set the agent to request web page images during processing in the Web Console.

    7. Click Create Action.

    8. Click and drag the new screenshot action into position. For example, if you’re taking a screenshot of a page after clicking a link or menu that changes the page, you need to drag the new screenshot action down so that it appears after the click item.


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