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Leveraging the planet's largest database just became a reality.

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Who we are:

Mozenda helps companies collect and organize web data in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Our cloud-based architecture enables rapid deployment, ease of use, and scalability. If your company needs to collect data from the web, Mozenda is the best way to do it.

It's hard to beat a Best Practice.


A method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means.

If you're currently using "other means", we encourage you to try Mozenda.

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Meeting your needs.

Trusting your data and having confidence in your decision making is critical. Let Mozenda show you how we can meet the needs of each stakeholder.

  • End Users Need

    End Users Need

    A web scraping solution that is easy to use and maintain, and is fully supported.

    We Provide

    • Easy to use intuitive software
    • Comprehensive training resources
    • Innovative features and advanced capabilities
    • Phone and email support
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  • Analysts Need

    Analysts Need

    A reliable and accurate scraping solution that's low-maintenance and allows you to focus on reporting and analytics.

    We Provide

    • Features to ensure data accuracy
    • Convenient publishing options
    • Error handling and notifications
    • Comprehensive support and services
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  • IT Professionals Need

    IT Professionals Need

    A secure and stable product that is easy to maintain and quick to integrate with your back end system

    We Provide

    • Secure cloud environment
    • Fully featured API
    • Automated publishing options
    • Highly scalable solution
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  • Decision Makers Need

    Decision Makers Need

    An affordable product that your data team can be successful using; is scalable and secure, well supported and easy to maintain

    We Provide

    • Easy to use SaaS application
    • Low cost of ownership
    • Reliable and scalable
    • Excellent training and support
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We agree with Gartner.

Your company's biggest database isn't your transaction, CRM, ERP or other internal database. Rather it's the web itself and the world of exogenous data now available from syndicated and open data sources.

— Doug Laney, VP Gartner Research

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