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Capture Data

Associate Target Data with Nearby Text

If the data to be captured consistently appears in proximity to the same text, you can increase the accuracy of the capture action by associating its target data with that text.

Capture and Click Each Link in a List

Capture the visible text of a link, click on that link to navigate to the associated page, capture additional data from that page, return to the list of links, and continue to capture and click each subsequent link.

Capture a Table

Automatically capture entire tables. This feature will also recognize new columns on the fly and add them to the agent’s output collection.

Capture a List of Lists

Capture a list containing a nested list. For example, a list of products where each product has a list of colors under it.

Capture Specific Data from a Line or Paragraph

Make an action that captures specific data from within a line or paragraph or text. Specify where within the text the capture action should begin capturing and where it should stop capturing.

Capture Page-level Data

Page URL, title, meta description, meta keywords, or the full contents of a web page’s HTML file can all be captured using a built-in feature in the Agent Builder.

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