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Get All the Products and Prices from a List

Online retailers frequently include prices along with available products. Follow these steps to gather a list of products and their prices in the Agent Builder.
  1. Click the first product in the list.
    click first item
  2. Click Capture List.
    capture list
  3. Click another product further down the list.
    Click second item
  4. Give the field a name.
    Name the field
  5. Click the first product’s price.
  6. Click Capture Text.
  7. Click Save.

    The Agent Builder will recognize that the text you clicked on is a price and will offer to name the field “Price” and capture the currency symbol with the price.

    To capture any other data associated with products in the list (SKU, model, star rating, etc.), just click on the desired item associated with the first product in the list. The Builder will automatically capture that information for the rest of the products in the list.

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