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Mozenda Glossary of Terms

Data Scraper

See also Data Scrape, Web Crawling, Data Scraping Software


A data scraper is any system that collects information from the web and organizes it into a format you can work with; this is usually in the form of a spreadsheet. In Mozenda’s case, you can customize the way the data is organized, and even create different versions of any particular data set.


Mozenda is a data scraper that’s easy to use.

Using Mozenda is easier than using an office application. Mozenda allows you to combine simple tools together to create powerful data scrapers without any technical training.

The following video shows you how raw text on a web page can be captured and organized into a spreadsheet.




The purpose and intent of web scraping is to simulate the human browsing experience by replicating computer commands to browse, search, navigate, and ultimately extract specific data fields from a web page. The benefit and value of web scraping lies in the automation of the data collection and the transformation of the data itself from an unstructured format to a structured format such as CSV, TSV, or XML where it can be uploaded, stored and analyzed.



Scraping contact information from the web has become a standard practice within sales organizations and marketing departments worldwide. Finding the right person in an organization to sell to or market to is no longer the dreaded task it used to be. The availability of information combined with easy access to information allows anyone to create targeted call lists, email lists, mailing lists, competitor lists, etc. For those able to utilize Social Media, contact lists can be further refined to target such things as title, age, gender, or even shared hobbies. Other uses for scraping contact information include:

  • Creating directories
  • Evaluating qualified individuals and businesses based on criteria
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Geotargeting or grouping
  • Competitive research


Why Mozenda?

Do you have a hard time gathering data? Finding out what you need? What if there was a web site that helps you with everything you need including: receiving notifications and running job on schedules, no programming required since there is Intuitive UI, free phone/email support for the customers, and much more. They have many customers that are satisfied with the way this web site gets them the right results they need and put them into useable format. A good example you can look at is http://mozenda.com/sitemap. It will show you a nice page that shows competitor pricing, data scraping, data capturing, lead generation, and much more. To save yourself time you should go check it out and enjoy the experience.


Mozenda Training Videos


Title Length
Play Button Capture Text 0:43
Play Button Input Text Into a Form 0:44
Play Button Click the “Next” Button to Load the Next Page of Results 1:58
Play Button Schedule an Agent to Run Regularly 1:08
Play Button Combine the Contents of Two Fields 1:16


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