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Mozenda Glossary of Terms

Data Mine

See also Data Capture, Web Content Data Mining, Web Scrape


To data mine is to collect data from webpages on the internet. This is generally in mass, or in large amounts, and usually involves complex programming or automated software.

Turn the web into your data mine.

Data buried on the web behaves similar to gold in a mine. Because most pages contain many levels of buried web pages–some with more data, some with less–It can be hard to obtain the right amount in the right time. Mozenda enables users to quickly mine information from websites around the world with incredible speed. The applications of the Mozenda data mining software have more value than an actual gold mine, with uses that are endless.



Crawling vs. Scraping

Web crawling should not be confused with web scraping. The purpose of crawling is to find and index. The purpose of scraping is to extract textual data fields into usable file formats. Crawlers that employ regular expression algorithms can achieve some of the same results as a scraper, but these types of crawlers are usually only used for extremely specific tasks such as finding and extracting emails or lists of hyperlinks, etc. Web scrapers are designed to assist individuals who know what they want and where to find it, but don’t want to copy and paste the data from the web pages. Both crawlers and scrapers use automated processes to replicate similar actions across many pages. Certain crawlers and scrapers have the ability to access pdf and word documents and determine the contents within the file, and both can download files or images.


Mozenda Training Videos


Title Length
Play Button Capture Text 0:43
Play Button Input Text Into a Form 0:44
Play Button Click the “Next” Button to Load the Next Page of Results 1:58
Play Button Schedule an Agent to Run Regularly 1:08
Play Button Combine the Contents of Two Fields 1:16


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