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Mozenda Glossary of Terms

Data Extraction Software

See also Data Extractor, Extracting Email Addresses, Screen Scrapers


Data extraction software refers to any program designed to collect and organize data from a target webpage or website and reformat it, so that it is more compliant with a user’s data requirement.


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  • Gathering information from government agencies
  • Assembling stats for business plans
  • Collecting data for legal purposes

Success requires clear information.This is true for every sector of business, from private firms and large businesses to media professionals, educational institutions and individuals. Mozenda collects and organizes raw web-data into a format you can use to make effective decisions. Several federal, state, and local government programs, as well as entrepreneurs have all used Mozenda for fast business intelligence, cultural or population analysis, and statistical frames. You can improve your own website’s SEO, analyze competitors websites for keywords, and analyze large sets of search results.

The list of ways customers have used Mozenda successfully is too long to show here. Ecommerce price comparison, real estate, and directory information are only a few examples of projects completed every day with Mozenda. Post-extraction data can be integrated with FTP, RSS, and API solutions.


Mozenda Training Videos


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