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We help companies
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Mozenda helps companies acquire and utilize vast information
sources held captive on the pages of the web.

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Our Goal:

Since our founding in 2007, it has been our goal to provide the best web-scraping software on the market. In order to do this we knew we needed to not only provide the most innovative features, but also leverage the potential of the cloud and the cost effectiveness of a SaaS delivery model. Today Mozenda is a global leader in web data extraction and has serviced over 250,000 users. We are a dedicated team, committed to helping you succeed.



Our People, Our Culture, Our Company.

At Mozenda, we believe that smart, balanced people build amazing things. We encourage uniqueness and are always looking to build new friendships with talented, happy people.

  • Kenneth Bedwell, Support Manager

    "I'm proud of the quality of support we provide to our customers. We have a great team that is able to quickly assist with complex issues and help our users reach their business goals."

    Kenneth Bedwell, Support Manager
  • Chris Curtis, Chief Engineer

    "I thrive on the daily challenges of working on innovative web scraping technology with brilliant people. It's very exciting to be a part of a growing tech company that is changing the way businesses gather data from the web."

    Chris Curtis, Chief Engineer
  • Heather Houston, Account Manager

    "Mozenda truly puts the customer first. Regardless of the department, I'm always hearing conversations about how to better serve the customer. It's great to work in such a positive and uplifting environment."

    Heather Houston, Account Manager

Work at Mozenda.

We are always looking for bright minds and good attitudes to add to our all-star lineup. If you're passionate about data and want to make a difference, please send us your resume.

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