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Capture the URL of a Link

Capturing the visible text from a web page is easy to do in Mozenda, and capturing data from the HTML is just a couple steps away. Follow these steps to capture a link’s full URL.

  1. Click the link you want to capture.
    Click Link
  2. Click Capture Text.
    Capture Text
  3. Give the field a name.
    Field Name
  4. Click Save and Refine.

    If you’re modifying an existing capture action instead of creating a new one, right-click on the existing capture action and select Refine Captured Text.

    Save and Refine
  5. Click HTML to capture HTML instead of visible text.
    HTML mode
  6. Place your cursor in the Capture Definition before the first percent sign and type href=". Then place your cursor after the last percent sign and type ".

    The text you type in this step is being used as a delimiter that specifies where the field starts and ends relative to the HTML source.

    Capture URL
  7. Click Save.

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