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Capture a List of Name-Value Pairs

Mozenda provides a built-in method of capturing name-value pairs, which is a term we use to describe a list of labels and their associated values. One common example of this is product specifications, which could cover everything from physical dimensions to year manufactured and so on. While individual capture actions can fulfill a similar role, creating a name-value pair action automates this process and will recognize new pairs automatically.

  1. Click any item displayed in a list.
    Name-value pairs lists usually appear in two columns; the left with the name and the right with the value.
    Sample web page
  2. Click Capture Name-Value Pairs.
    'Capture Name-Value Pairs' is the second option in the 'Create Action' window.
  3. Click a value (not a name) from the list.
    Click the first value in the name-value pairs list.
  4. Click a second value from the list.
    Click another value from the name-value pairs list to help the Builder recognize the list.
  5. Click the field name next to the value specified by the Agent Builder.
    Click the field name associated with the value specified by the Builder.
  6. The Agent Builder will now show a preview of the columns created from this name-value pairs list.
    Builder preview of the columns created from the name-value pairs list.
  7. Click Save.
  8. The Name-Value Pairs List capture will now show in the action list along with the detected name-value pairs.
    Captured Text Preview; name-value pairs automatically parsed into separate columns.

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