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Stop Antivirus Software from Blocking Mozenda

Mozenda can sometimes be falsely identified as a virus by antivirus software. This article explains why this happens and how to fix it. This may be happening if (1) the Builder opens but nothing shows up in the browser window, (2) the Client Connector (Mozenda icon in the system tray) suddenly becomes unavailable and you can’t open Mozenda from the Start Menu, or (3) The Client Connector won’t connect to the Web Console.

What’s Going On?

The Mozenda Agent Builder helps users create what is essentially an automated script that browses the web and interacts with websites on its own. The Agent Builder program opens browser windows, creates its own processes, and communicates with Mozenda’s servers via the Client Connector to open, save, and run agents.

Some antivirus software applications see this as suspicious behavior and may suppress the software by doing the following:

  1. Quarantining the Client Connector, which would cause the Mozenda icon in the system tray to disappear
  2. Blocking the browser process, which would prevent anything from loading in the Agent Builder’s browser window when the Agent Builder is opened
  3. Preventing the Client Connector from connecting to the Web Console

When an antivirus program incorrectly flags legitimate software, it is known as a false positive. False positives are a known problem in the antivirus industry, and we work with software providers to prevent Mozenda from being incorrectly flagged, but false positives may still occur.

How Can I Fix This?

In most cases, you can add Mozenda as an exception locally to your virus blocker software (also called adding an exclusion, or whitelisting). In some cases, you may need to add the Mozenda install file as an exception as well.

If your antivirus program has already quarantined Mozenda, you may need to remove it from quarantine before or after adding it as an exception.

If you are able to open the Agent Builder but nothing loads in the browser window, you can turn off browser processes as a temporary work-around.

Add Mozenda as an Exception

Most antivirus software applications will allow you to create exceptions so that certain safe programs will be ignored. See the following articles for step-by-step instructions:

Add Mozenda as an Exception in McAfee
Add Mozenda as an Exception in Symantec
Add Mozenda as an Exception in Kaspersky

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